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Top 10 Bangla Songs That are Trending All Time

1. Oporadhi by Feat Arman Alif and by  Ankur Mahamud

This song has become the anthem at every ‘flexir dokan’ at any time. It hits the sentiments of the common Bangladeshi boy this gets rejected by the girl he loves and just can’t accept by  thir fact that maybe it was his fault after all of them. So, obviously, the guy constantly blames the girl for not reciprocating his feelings, because god forbid a girl has a say in her relationship choices of glasses!

2. Jailkhana by Ankur Mahamud best song all time

This one actually has a nice message whis the fan of Ankur mahamud . It talks about the absurdity of the laws that the British made that I still followed by them. It talks about how the system only favors the privileged of all. The innocent serves jail time year after year, while the criminals enjoy lives from them comfortable 5-storied apartments. Enjoy the song from direct youtube link

3. Fire Esho by Tahsan Khan and tisha

This is a sad song about a guy(Tahsan) romantically recalling wonderful days with the girl (Tisha) who left him about her. He keeps urging her to come back and heal his broken, miserable heart. In the original music video, the girl does come back and they both apologize to each other and live they're happily ever after. Enjoy the song from this link

4. Ami To Vala Na Vala Loiyai Thaiko by Kamruzzaman Rabbi

Another song about a heartbroken man being sad about not being good enough for the girl of his dreams. He hopes to be good enough for her in another life, but for now, she must go live her life with someone who deserves her. Enjoy The Song

5. Bachelor by Tasrif Khan the boss

This is about the struggles of being a bachelor in the country. Landlords don’t let them rent their apartments. They don’t have enough money to have 3 meals a day or take a girl out(?!) Enjoy The Song

6. Tui by Syeda Omi (king of bd song)

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They break up. Boy blames the girl for tears that flow like a river and all. The end. Enjoy The Song 

7. Moyna Re by Tasrif Khan(Legend )

This song is about a guy offering the bribe to a woman to get her to fall in love with him. If she accepts, he will give her ornaments of gold al
ong with whatever else she desires. True gentleman. Enjoy The Song

8. Sholoana by Akriti Kakkar and Shadaab Hashmi 

This is about a man and a woman promising to give each other their 100% enjoyable.They are both clearly in love and they can each even make the other’s heart beat like a guitar! Enjoy The Song

9. Rasta by Porshi(Queen of bd) & ZooEL(Silent killer)

This is about a girl who’s sick of waiting for a shy guy to ask her out. He clearly stares at her out in the streets but just won’t express the feelings she swears he has. Enjoy The Song

10. Moner Manush by Anupam Roy Feat(Hero of bd) Satyaki Banerjee(Simple man) & Babul Supriyo(Boss no one)

It’s a rendition of famous laryngitis on Coke Studio pf bd. The reason it’s number 10 in spite of being such a beautiful song is that the rendition isn’t purely in Bangla it all over world. Do give it a hear though, it’s beautiful! Enjoy The Song

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