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10 best new Android apps from year of 2019!

Most Useful Game & Apps 2019
In the "most entertaining" category:
  • Vimage, an app that lets you add animations to your photos.
  • No Draw, an app for coloring.
  • Neverthink, an app for watching internet video.
  • TikTok, the rebranded version of Musical.ly
  • Scout FM, an app for listening to podcasts.
In the "best hidden gems" category:
  • Slowly, an app that aims to re-create the old school pen pal experience of swapping letters with distant friends.
  • Unfold, an app that helps you create stories with minimalist templates.
  • Just a Line, an augmented reality drawing app created by Google.
  • Luci, a dream journal app for lucid dreaming enthusiasts.
  • Learn Spanish with Lirica, an app that uses popular music to help users learn Spanish.
In the "best self improvement" category:
  • Mimo, an app that can help you learn to write code, was named best self improvement app.
  • 10% Happier, a mediation app that tries to make learning to meditate more simple.
  • Keep Trainer, an app that provides fitness coaching.
  • MasterClass, an app that offers classes in acting, singing, and cooking.
In the "best daily helper" category:
  • Buzzfeed's Tasty, which breaks down recipes into looping social media-friendly videos.
  • Otter Voice Notes, an app that uses AI to generate transcriptions from voice recordings. 
  • Sift, a shopping app that helps you get the most for your money.
  • Canva, which helps you design posters, fliers, and social media posts.
  • Notion, a productivity app for keeping track of your notes and to-do lists.
And finally, YouTube TV, Google's TV service for cord cutters, which was voted as the top "fan favorite" app.
You can check out all of Google's top picks of the year in the Play Store

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