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Top 10 Hidden Android Features And Tips


In few of the how-to videos in YouTube, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact place where the demonstrator is touching on his screen.
Solution to the above issue: Enable thedisplay touch points. This will display a white dot on places where you have touched.
To enable this option, you will have to take a dive into the Developer option. Head over to Input and switch on Show Touches.
To access the developer option on your device, head over to Settings > About and tap on the Build number seven times.


From built-in PDF converter to blue-light filter, Android covers most of the aspects that tempt you to skip third-party app installations. So the next time you are in an experimental mood, give a shot to the built-in grayscale mode. Once enabled, it wipes out the bright colors and replaces it with a monochromatic hue. A scaled down version of iPhone's Night Shift feature, if you ask me.
And like Touch Points, this one’s too lurking inside the Developer option. We all know that bright screens are the recipe for eye fatigue, so this nifty trick will save your eyes from further damage. What’s more, it also helps in saving the phone's battery life.


It’s a known fact that almost all the Android apps in our phones perform certain background activities like data-sync, update activities to fix bugs or to roll out new features.
Surely, these are important and shouldn’t be ignored but what’s more important is you to know when these activities are being carried out. You wouldn’t want Google Photos to sync 200 high-res pics over cellular data, would you?
Fortunately, we have a savior hiding in the app settings menu. Open settings and navigate to data usage where you will see the option to restrict app background data. Or you can long press on the app and select app info from the pop-up menu.
You can long press on the app and select app info from the pop-up menu.
Once this switch is enabled, the background activities will cease to occur over the cellular network and will only occur once you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
Chrome is among the most used web browsers today, but how do we make the most of it? Especially when you are off the grid? This neat little trick for Android devices will require a bit of advance planning to pull it off, but let me assure you, it’s a foolproof idea when it comes to converting a web page to a pdf.
So before you head off, gather all the articles that you wish to read and open it through Chrome. Now all you need to do is head over to Share > Print and then save the web page as PDF.


Pressing the home button is what one would normally do to exit Chrome or for that matter, any app. In Chrome, there’s a slight catch — it closes the main app but the tabs still remain open until they are closed manually. Last time I checked, I had over 12 open tabs.
So, how to see all the open tabs easily. Well, Google apps contain a handful of hidden tricks up their sleeves. All you need to do is tap on the address bar and swipe down to see the list.
Or you can just tap on the number beside the address bar and the rest of the job is taken care by tapping on the close button.


Bet there are a lot of third-party apps that let you see the file contents of the phone memory, but what if you are alittle low on space and can’t go about installing a new app?
The solution is fairly simple — turn to Chrome.
Just type file:///sdcard/ and all the phone contents — old & new — will be displayed in an index form.


A smartphone – whether it's an Android device or one from the Apple stable – is almost useless without data connectivity. To spice things up a bit, turn to the Chrome Browser (yes,Chrome is a multifaceted personality).
So while you wait for the cellular network to come back, head over to Chrome and play the Dinosaur game. And, trust me it’s not easy as it seems.


80% of the time our thumb is near the power button while we take a phone call, so enabling the power button to end calls seem to be the smartest move. Plus, when you’re watching acaptivating cricket match and you just can’t take your eyes off the TV, this prove to be the most convenient way of ending a call.
To enable it, open the Accessibility Settings and switch the Power button ends call option to on. Thaut’s it, now you have a physical button to end your calls.